All Thumbs UP!!

We took the family to see the movie, "UP" yesterday at our local movie theater. We had planned on seeing it last weekend when it opened but everyone was sick so the plan was scrapped. Fortunately, DH was off yesterday so we got to watch it, and in 3D at that!

Verdict? Absolutely awesome!!

It's a really beautiful story with enough parts to please both grown-up and kiddie tastes. I must admit that there were a couple of times that I shed some tears. And of course, DH continues to tease me about it. I really enjoyed this film. It also held the attention of all my kids throughout the whole movie. Yes, even DD3's attention was glued to the widescreen.

Seeing it in 3D was fun but nothing is really taken away if you see it in regular showing.

Just something funny...

When I saw that DD2 took off her 3D glasses, I told her to put them back on so she could watch it more clearly, to which she replied...

"But they're walking to me! Why are they walking to me?!"


Anyway, if you get the chance to watch the movie, go see it. It's worth seeing it in the theater! You certainly get your money's worth. :)