A Trio of Pages

Here to share my latest scrap pages. Hope you enjoy!

First is this kinda therapeutic-cathartic page for me. It felt good to have a sort of release for all these questions in my head. Who remembers that song by Duncan Sheik, "Barely Breathing?"
"I am barely breathing and I can't find the air."
This helped release some of the stress but I still cannot find the air as I am writing this.

Second is this page of DD2 and DH. Love that I was able to capture this - such a special relationship between father and daughter. DH was tickling DD2 here. I can almost here her laughter just by looking at this picture.

Third is a personal mommy thoughts page. Another "therapy" kind of page for me. You kinda get a glimpse of the real me in this page.

As usual, all products I used in all 3 pages come from www.scrapartist.com which is my digihome. You can find the products I used by going to my gallery.


MommyBa | Friday, April 10, 2009 2:58:00 PM

you haven't lost your scrapping mojo! i love the 3rd layout. it's so heartwarming and so sincerely written.