Are we poor?

A conversation I had recently with DS.

DS: Are we poor?
Me: No, we're not. But we're not rich either. We're middle class. The poor are those who are homeless, they don't have money to buy food, etc. We're blessed that God provides for our needs.
DS: If we are all children of God, then why are there poor people? Doesn't He bless them too?
Me: They are children of God. He loves them too. He blesses them too but sometimes there are people who waste the blessings God gives them. Sometimes, they are poor as consequence of their actions.
DS: Yeah, we learned about consequences in school.
Me: See, sometimes, people make bad choices and they will have to face the consequences. It does not mean that God does not love them. Then, sometimes, there are other people who are poor because other people take advantage of them and are greedy.
DS: Oh, I thought about that! That some people are greedy and take what is not theirs so other people don't have enough.
Me: Exactly! And that is why we share our blessings to others. Our family loves God and so we help the poor.

DS is *only* 8 and already these questions? I shudder to think what other questions he will have in his mind. I can only pray that the Holy Spirit give me the right answers and that I will be quick to pick up on the right words to say.


donna | Thursday, April 02, 2009 1:25:00 AM

very well answered, joy. you're doing such a great job with your kids. your kids are so lucky to have a wise mom!!