Star of the Week

DS is the Star of the week in his class and today, he's presenting an All About Me poster. He also brought stuff to class to share with his classmates, pretty much like show & tell.

Here's what he brought:
- his F1 racing jacket and several of his cars. He originally planned to bring his HUGE RC car but I vetoed it. Too big to bring to school.
- Lakers ticket when they got to watch the game last Jan.2
- some scrapbook pages - his birth page, when he learned to ride his 2-wheeler bike, when he went rock climbing, one of his beach trip pages.
- sungka - I had to ask him triple times if he was sure he wanted to bring this. It was quite bulky and not very easy to tote around. He insisted he wanted to share that to the class.

I'm happy with the things he decided to take with him. It gives me an insight into how he sees himself and what he considers important to him. I'm particularly pleased he insisted on bringing the sungka. Kinda tells me that he is proud of his heritage and actually wants to share his culture with others.