Sea sick

Two weekends ago, our family went to the Scouts' whale watching outing in Long Beach. We were initially excited to go. The website of the boat company that operates the whale watching trips stated that they had seen 11 whales the previous day.

So, the boat goes out into the open Pacific and the captain tells us to keep our eyes open. We saw some dolphins swimming up and down the waters. Then the captain directs us to something far away. There were spouts of water shooting up. Kinda cool! Anticipation builds. When we finally reach the area, there was 1. One! One whale that shows up. And we actually just see the back where the blow hole is. The captain says that the whale usually comes up about every 4-5 minutes. We wait and wait and wait. Nope, the whale decides to hide away from us. LOL! Bummer!

In the end, it was not as exciting as I envisioned it to be. Nothing Flipper-like experience at all! Add to the fact that the kids have been to Sea World and have watched Shamu. These whales out in the wild just do not compare to the jumping-out-of-the-water Shamu. LOL!

Anyway, it's a good thing, I suppose that we got a really good rate for it. Our group rate was $12 per person, if I remember correctly. The rates published in the cardboard displays by the pier were something like $30 per person. Yikes! That whale watching trip was definitely not worth $30. Imagine if we had to pay that?

On a side note, DD2 got sea sick during the boat ride. We were still on the way out into the open waters and she asks, "What's happening to us Daddy?" LOL! Her world must've been spinning. Poor girl! Later on, she asks me, "Why are we taking so long?" It must've felt forever for my little girl. On our way back to shore, she softly tells her daddy, "Ayoko na ever again, Daddy."(I don't want to ever again, Daddy)

We hear ya, little one...we won't go on a boat ride again for a long time. :)