I'm on Facebook!

Yeah, I've finally succumbed! LOL! I've had the account for almost a year but never really played around in it. I created it because some of the SA ladies were saying how much fun it was. Well, I really did not need another online distraction, did I? However, when my bros were here, they were on Facebook too so I took a peek. Now, I'm hooked! LOL!
What I'm really enjoying here is reconnecting with cousins I've lost touch with, particularly those from my Dad's side. Old friends and classmates, I had reconnected with Friendster before so twasn't as exciting, I should say.
If you happen to be on Facebook and you know me, look me up. Or send me an email if you can't find me there.
If you aren't on Facebook yet, you may want to try it. But I warn you that it is addicting. LOL!