Online courses

DH got his degree in Nursing via a correspondence course. I suppose it was kind of a precursor to all the online courses available now. DH received his degree in an unconventional way. He started as a medic in the USAF, then an LVN until he became an RN. Now, he's a PA.
Anyway, when he was researching his options to further his medical career, one of the options was to take up MS nursing. There are a number of graduate programs that are offered online, like the St. Xavier's Masters program in Nursing. You basically take up the program at your own pace which allows you to fulfill current work or family obligations while pushing yourself forward in your nursing career. It is an accredited curriculum so you know that you are getting quality education here. There is still a required on-campus training which I think is vital in a healthcare program. You will need at least some hands-on experience, right? In the end, you are prepared to face the workforce armed with a masters degree.
DH, however, decided to go a different route and completed his Physician's Assistant program. It was a lot more intense. The 4-year med school materials were essentially crammed into 2 years. The program he got into was one that was designed for people with prior medical experience, at least 1000 hours of paid medical experience, I think. He was perfect for the program. However, it was not designed to be taken while working and fulfilling family obligations. It was hard on our marriage. Often, I felt more like a single parent, except I did not have to work. Thank goodness! I think that right now, we're still rediscovering each other, learning how to live with each other. He was basically "away" in school for about 4 years since he needed to retake pre-reqs for the PA program.
Anyway, if you're thinking of going back to school, whether it's an online course or a traditional one, think twice or thrice and make sure you've got your family completely on board. And of course, pray, pray and pray about it. If God wills this, then even when it gets rocky, you'll know He'll get you through it.


Beth {kewl_jive} | Tuesday, January 13, 2009 8:25:00 PM

Goodluck to your hubby!!! Whatever decision he made, I'm sure you'll support him all the way. I was actually planning to take MBA after working in the Philippines for a long time, but since I got married and now leaving abroad I am thinking of ways to earn money at home. :) TC