Funnies Around the House

A recent post from my friend Donna reminded me that I haven't blogged about my kids' funny anecdotes & quips. I really need to be more attentive & write these down often.

1. DS had been looking for his belt. After days of futile searching, I find it in his sister's closet. He shows it to my mom...
Lola: Who found it?
DS: Oh, that daughter of yours!

2. After dropping off DD1 at school, DS who was off that day, met & went to his classmate's house for a morning playdate. Upon getting back into the car,
DD2: Mom...I think you forgot something!
ME: What?
DD2: Kuya, of course!
ME: Oh, he went to V's house. He'll be back later.
DD2: huh? This is not his house. This is Ate's school!

3. DD1 explaining to me the difference between her lola(grandma) and Lola ( from Charlie & Lola show)
" Low-la is how you say the name in Charlie & Lola. Loh-la is Lola A."