Who told my kids to grow up?!

Seriously, who told my kids they can grow up so quickly?! I sure did not!!

So, the Sunday paper was full of these Toys R' Us inserts, Target inserts - all about toys!! And not just a page or two, but a whole catalog! Of course, the kids get excited and they just about run over each other trying to be the first to get a look at all these amazing toys they can choose from.

I ask them what they want for Christmas and as expected, DD2 looks at Princess and doll stuff. But my 2 older ones catch me off-guard.

DD1 asks for a digital camera while DS asks for electronic games, y'know, the ones for Wii or PS3. Yeah! I was taken aback! Since when did my kids stop asking for toys-toys and ask for big kid stuff?! Did someone send a memo that apparently my kids are now big kids?!

I just have to laugh and shake my head. Where have my babies gone?