My beautiful blossoming daughter

It was Parent-Teacher Conference at DD1's school last Friday. Her teacher was just gushing about her. She kept saying how DD1 was just really a sweetheart. She has also commented on how much DD1 has matured from last year. I had noticed that too. I am relieved that the daughter I see at home is pretty much the little girl they see in school too. I can see that she's becoming more comfortable with herself and her surroundings.

It seems like DD1's "mini-mommy" personality is showing through at school too. Her teacher commented about how very responsible she is over her personal & class items. She always lends her teachers a hand in cleaning up. She is also very caring toward her classmates.

It is quite significant to me to hear that when the teachers asked each child individually who their friend in class was, many mentioned DD1. She seems to be well-loved in class even if she's still mostly quiet compared to her classmates. Her teachers mentioned that she plays with everybody, girls and boys alike. I am pleased to hear this because it means she is not clique-ish as some girls I've seen can be even at this age.

BTW, the LO I have above is a page about how regal and ladylike I think she looks during their Halloween parade. Doesn't she look so refined in the pics? the way she's holding up her skirt and how she's looking at me? It's as if I caught a glimpse of the future DD1, all grown up.