Back to the Gym

I hit the gym again this week! Hooray for me. It's really something I need to do for myself, y'know?
Weight loss has not been happening, mostly because I haven't been doing healthy things for me. I tried Weight Watchers but it does not feel like a good fit for me. I'm having a hard time figuring out my points. Most of the food I eat are homecooked meals - Filipino foods that are hard to estimate points on. It was just too frustrating for me.

Of course, diet pills are no go. Sure I want to lose weight but I want to keep the weight off too. Diets don't do it for me either. One thing I know works for me is regular exercise. It is and has always been the first step for me. When I exercise regularly, I feel better about myself and I eat better too. When I eat better, I feel lighter and I have more energy. When I have more energy, I get more exercise. It's a cycle that I know gets me good results. The key is that first step - getting myself to the gym. Right now, I think I can have a gym schedule that will work for me so I'm excited about that.

I had a wonderful cardio & tone class yesterday that has me kinda sore today - the good kind of sore though. *smile* Hopefully my sked cooperates and I get to go to yoga tomorrow.

I'm feeling good about this!