Psst...I had a birthday

Yeah...I did...last 33rd...did I just reveal my age for the whole worldwide web to see?

It was a good day. DH was off the day before and on my bday so it was nice having him around.

Started my birth day in church before dropping DS off at school. And the Lord made me cry... boohoohoo. Of course I kept myself from crying at church but as I got home and spent some more time in prayer, I could not help but cry. Not just tears streaming down my face kinda cry...but the cry that makes your eyes and nose red and all sorts of stuff running off your nose. LOL! It was a happy cry though. Wanna know what made me cry?

Because He said I was His Joy.

I'm tearing up even now. I am His Joy. Thank you Lord.

The rest of the day passed quietly. I took a nap in the afternoon. Nice!!! The kids woke me up with a nice bouquet of flowers they had picked out themselves. A chocolate cake awaited me as I came down. DH had an awesome gift to me too - a 18-200 mm VR Nikon lens!!! Eek! I could not believe he bought it. I've been asking for a zoom lens and we've been looking at a few but the 18-200 was beyond the budget I had set or so I thought. I think DH is making it up for the crappy bday I had last year! LOL! I'm really excited about my new lens. And sooo happy that DH is back on track and "gets" me once again. He's been off - track recently and I felt like he was not putting much thought into what he was gifting me. Not that they weren't lovely presents but they were not things that spoke to who I am. Like what would I use a BMW steering rack for? He did not actually gift me with that, but you know what I mean. His gifts were expensive but not really for me.

Anyway, I got to shoot some pics in the afternoon using the new lens. Am loving it!!! And I took it again with me during DD1's fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch yesterday.

Back to my bday, we went out for dinner to Benihana. The kids enjoyed the whole experience of it. Just really a wonderful way to end my day.

The only sad part now is that I have a cold!! and I'm all congested and all! Ugh! It was the only thing that ruined my day as I could not sleep in the evening. But I'm still thankful that it only got bad at the end of the day after I had celebrated already.

And there you have it ... my birthday!!!


Tylertopia | Thursday, October 16, 2008 7:29:00 PM

Happy Belated Birthday!! :o)Sounds like a fantastic day, indeed! Awesome lens....I so want to get that lens ASAP myself. Lucky girl! :o)

DigiscrapMom | Sunday, October 19, 2008 6:24:00 AM

i'm so way behind all the birthday greetings i should have sent out. i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. and to have a new lens on your birthday? that's really something aside from waking up with the whole family around you.

belated happy birthday, joy :) you're indeed a joy to have around and i'm thankful to God He gave you to your family and to us, your friends.