My son, the car geek

Last week, DS received a copy of his Boy's Life magazine. He was excited to see that there was a section there on cars being the car enthusiast that he is. DH wasn't home yet so DS had to make do with me and his grandma to share his enthusiasm. It wasn't much. We know zilch about cars. I would probably mistake Kia for Ferrari parts. LOL! But we tried. We tried to be enthusiastic with him. And I think he appreciated it. Or maybe he was just too excited and happy to see all these cars featured that he wasn't paying attention to us. LOL!
DS has ALWAYS been mad about cars, since he was a toddler. And seriously, I don't think this will go away. It's one of those till death do you part kind of things. Honestly, it kinda scares me because he might get into racing and all. He enjoys watching Nascar. I don't understand the appeal but he loves watching it. He does not get to watch often but when he does, he's transfixed!
Are any of your kids "fixated" with cars too? Or is it with other stuff?


DigiscrapMom | Monday, September 29, 2008 8:22:00 PM

Basti's not a car enthusiast but he would always tell me that he'd like his own car when he goes to college. Now, I have to save up for that one. LOL!

There's more to cars than you can imagine. It's actually a very cool thing to be fixated with.