Kid Funny for the Day

I haven't blogged about my kids' antics for a while now. It isn't for lack of them because they make me laugh everyday. It's more lack of time on my part.

DD3, in particular is growing to be quite a character. I know parents always gush about their kids being awesome, etc...but this little girl of mine(yes, as much as I want to keep her a baby forever, she is proving everyday that she is not a baby anymore) is really sharp.

Onto the funny of the day...

I enter the dining room and she runs up to greet me, looks straight into my eyes. And I know she's done something naughty.

Me: Ano na namang ginawa mo? (What did you do?)
DD3: Ayayay (I-yi-yi)
Me: Anong ayayay (I-yi-yi-yi)?

DD3 runs towards the dining table and points to the floor. True enough, there are tattered pieces of paper napkins all over. She points to it and says, "Ii-yi-yi-yi" LOL!

I obviously react and say "Ayayay" all too often! LOL!

Sidenote: I wasn't sure how to spell that expression. I first spelled as I would in Tagalog but I figured others may read it the wrong way. anyway, I hope you got what I meant to relate. Oi!