A whole lotta shakin' going on

I dunno if you've heard but there was an earthquake in our area. It was a 5.4 quake whose epicenter was only about 10 miles away from where we live. So, yeah, we felt it! It was strong and lasted for several seconds.

The kids and I were actually at Costco when the shaking started. Good thing we were still at the front end of the store. I would've been extremely worried had we been along the aisles with all those big tall shelves stocked with piles of boxes. Fortunately, no one was hurt where we were. It was a little nerve-wracking. The kids were fine. I think it helped that we all pretty much remained calm. DS was even kinda thrilled that he experienced his first earthquake! LOL!

When we got home, DH turned on the TV and pretty much all the local stations were running stories of the quake. This was said to be the strongest one since the big quake of 1994. A lot are speculating if this was a precursor to the next big one. And of course, news agencies are now running insurance stories - that only a small amount of southern california homeowners have earthquake insurance. One of the shows I was watching said that as soon as 5 minutes after the quake, people were calling their insurance agents asking about earthquake insurance. I wonder though if this affects llife insurance rates too. Do you think this is an increased danger so rates go higher? Just wondering out loud.

Oh, something to be thankful for - that we were out of the movie theater already when the quake occurred. I took the kids for the free movie shown at select Regal cinemas. Costco is just across the theater so it was maybe only about 15 minutes since we left the theater when the quake occurred. It probably would've been a scarier experience if we were inside the movie theater.

Thank God we're safe. Whew!


Tylertopia | Wednesday, July 30, 2008 7:08:00 AM

Yes, thank God you are all safe. :o) What a scary time.