My Little Bro

I was looking at my calendar earlier today and realized that in a week's time, my youngest bro will be here!!! He is my genius bro. He will be taking his master's degree at Fordham University in NYC for the next 2 years. He'll be under scholarship as there is no way we could afford to send him there. Before he heads off to NYC, he's stopping by for 2 weeks here. It'll be good to have him around. I haven't seen him for almost 5 years, I think. When we went last to the Philippines for a visit in 2005, he wasn't in Manila. He was assigned in a remote province down south as he was a jesuit volunteer then.

I don't know how much stuff he'll be traveling with. I'm guessing it's not much since he will be flying to NYC and not using moving trucks or anything like that. Come to think of it, I don't know much about his plans here. I wonder if he's gotten an apartment already. I heard from my mom that he was planning to share a place with a friend.

I'm sure he's taken care of that. He's always been the independent one among us. He makes his own plans. He takes care of his own business.