Personalized Gifts post

I like giving personalized gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Ever since I started to get crafty with scrapbooking and stuff, this has been my tradition - to give personalized gifts. I think it really lets the receiver feel special when you take the time to give a unique gift. Sometimes, it may seem cheesy but I reserve these types of gifts to people who are dear to me.
Even if you're not the crafty type, you can still give these types of personalized gifts. There are a number of sites that do this service. For kids, they can be the star of their very own cartoon in a book or DVD. If there's a kid you know who has all the toys in the world, this could be something worth considering. I think it's a pretty unique gift. Though I haven't tried this out myself, I think it could be pretty cool.
Has anyone tried it? What's been your experience?