Day Trip to the Grand Canyon

From Sedona, we drove to the Grand Canyon on Friday. It was a good 2 1/2 hour drive going there. It was a scenic drive through the winding roads of Oak Creek Canyon. Our group was split into 2 groups. We were the lead vehicle while my parents along with my aunt and uncle were in the second vehicle. As we were going through the winding roads, we had to slow down considerable because the "senior citizens" were getting dizzy.

Anyway, we really did not have any itinerary. We did not even do any research on what spots to go to at Grand Canyon. So we just drove and stopped where we were moved to stop. We only had enough time (and energy) to visit the South rim. No hiking for this bunch. It would have proven quite difficult considering we had children along.

First stop was the Visitor center where we had lunch. Ever thrifty, we brought along our own lunch (chicken sandwiches) and snacks and drinks. I was expecting that we were going to picnic but eating inside the comforts of the airconditioned visitor center was nice considering the scorching heat of the Arizona sun. This one's a photo of my aunt (mom's younger sister) and DD1 after lunch. Look at those satisfied and happy faces. LOL!

I think it was the Desert Trail that we followed and stopped at some points for sightseeing and picture-taking, of course. the Grand Canyon was just that - Grand! It is HUGE! and Majestic! Really a beautiful view. Personally, looking into and across the canyon, I could not help but be awestruck by God's creation. Such a majestic and grand creation could only have come from a more majestic and grand Creator. It was just really really beautiful. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to witness such grandeur.

I took photos, yes, but I'm not too happy with them from a "technical" standpoint. The sun was harsh so a lot of photos were overexposed. If not overexposed, the faces are underexposed. But, hey, I still have a lot to learn. Besides, this was a trip to make memories, not necessarily to take great photos, right?

Along the trail, we also saw some ruins of a Tusayan village. It was a little funny to try to point out the ruins to the kids. As I was showing them the ruins and trying to get them to see the different "rooms", they kept saying, " I can't see it. It's just rocks." LOL! I guess the idea of ruins is still a little hard to comprehend for their young minds.

Towards the end of the trail, there was a watchtower that we visited too. Another beautiful sight. The kids enjoyed going up and up and up. As our family explored the tower, the senior citizens explored the trading post and wait there. They had ice cream waiting for us as we finished our exploration. Yummy!

We drove back home at around 4:30 pm, I think. When we arrived back at Sedona, there was still enough light out for the kids to go swimming. DH took the kids swimming while my mom, aunt and I prepared dinner. I did not get to take pictures of them enjoying the nice cool pool. DS excitedly told me when they came back that there were loads of different pool floats in there. The kids definitely voted this the best part of their day! LOL! Yeah, the grand canyon did not impress them as much as the toy-filled pool! LOL!

It was a fun-filled day - a lot of discoveries and just enjoying each other's company.

I still have loads of photos but I'm trying to figure out how to get them on here without having to upload each and every one.


Tylertopia | Tuesday, June 24, 2008 9:49:00 PM

Looks like such gorgeous scenery...and so much fun making memories with your family. Love reading of your travels. :o)