Simply You - My Favorite Things

I'm hosting this week's simply You challenge over at ScrapArtist. My challenge is for you to capture your present moment by making a list of 10 things in your life right now. I chose to list 10 of my current favorite things. These things are the things occupying my mind right now.
My hope is that in a year or several years from now, when I look at this page, I will smile and remember this time - that my short list of current faves will trigger happy memories in my mind.

If you want to read my list, click on the image. If you will notice, I've got the Lakers listed in there. Is it obvious that this household's tasting basketball championship in the air? LOL! My Lakers are really showing their stuff. During the last game, it got a bit tricky towards the end but we were able to slip by. Whew!

DH would hear none of it when I was telling him when he came home from work how we almost lost because of some mental lapses. He had recorded the game so he got to watch it when he came home.

Come championship time, you know where to find us. It sure would be nice to go to Staples center to watch or something but that will remain a dream for now. I do not have $700 to cough up for tickets. Unbelievable huh? It would be nice though if we had something like a senso-surround speaker set-up - a center speaker, left and right front home theater sconces/speakers, left and right rear speakers and maybe even a subwoofer. That would make it feel like we're at the stadium, don't you think?

Anyway, the last game for the Western Finals is tonight... yup, I'm predicting the Lakers will finish out the Spurs season tonight!!! Woohoo!