Overnight at SeaWorld

DS and DH went with the rest of DS' cub scout pack last weekend for an overnight adventure at SeaWorld in San Diego. They spent the night at the Wild Arctic section. They laid their sleeping bags in between the fiberglass columns and aquarium that houses the beluga whale. How cool is that?!
Then in the morning, they were treated to a buffet breakfast with Shamu! They ate breakfast by the training pool of Shamu so while they were eating, they could watch Shamu and the trainers playing. When everyone was done with breakfast, Shamu splashed them and got them all wet! LOL! How's that for a morning wake-up shower?
Then, they spent the day at SeaWorld. I may not have been there but seeing how happy DS was when he came home was enough for me. And I think it was a fun father and son experience for them.


DigiscrapMom | Sunday, May 11, 2008 5:54:00 AM

I'm sure DH and DS had a wonderful time and so much fun. How I wish there are activities like that over here that's affordable. At Ocean Adventure, you have to pay more than 4000 pesos for a 25-minute interactive fun with the dolphins. I don't think that's reasonable. But then again, if only I had enough, that would have been a great experience for Basti.

Thanks for sharing! :)