Taking a break from posting this Holy Week

I'm unplugging myself from this computer and taking a break to observe Holy Week. It is going to be a HUGE sacrifice as many of you may have noticed, I am oftentimes glued to my computer. LOL! I've already informed my ScrapArtist team that I'll be gone for the week. Hope they don't have too much fun without me. I don't like missing out! LOL!

Seriously, this is the best time to unplug. I will be spending my time away from the world wide web in prayer and reflection. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation. And I'd like to spend this time to really thank Him and reflect on what this means to me.

BUT before that clock strikes midnight tonight, you bet I'll be doing some last minute stuff here. LOL!
- finish up my LO for the Simply You challenge this Thursday ( I signed up for it and did not even realize till today that that would be Holy Thursday! Tsk...tsk...tsk...)
- transfer some photos of the kids to maybe usb flash drives for MIL who will be traveling back to the Philippines on Easter Tuesday
- pay bills online and balance our checkbook

I'll see you next week!