A post on the death of our PC

So, the desktop PC that DH had put together from scratch died last week. DH said that the motherboard is down and needs to be replaced. The thing is this is an old motherboard and it seems that is not in production any more. He does not want to upgrade to a new one because it will mean that he needs to replace all the other parts too. He is usually good with tinkering with all these computer stuff. However, he is just not feeling up to it right now.
In fact, he is seriously considering getting a Mac! I know - it seems like such a big purchase to me. Our refund has arrived so he wants to use that to get the Mac. I think that lately because so many people our turned off by Windows Vista, I've been hearing of a lot of people switching to Macs. Have you noticed that too?
Anyway, I'm wondering if the Mac is high-def too. Because we have HDTV, it would make sense that we now get either HDDVD or Blu-rays. It would be nice if we could have the same crispness when we watch it on the Mac too, right? Or would we still need HDMI splitters to get that done? We'll figure that out later. I'm getting ahead of myself again! LOL!
I just have this to say, I'm kinda excited to be getting a Mac. I've only heard so many good things about it. Can't wait to be "cool"! LOL!