Redecorating of sorts

With the new year and all, I'm in kind of a redecorating kick at home. I've rearranged some of our furniture, shuffling stuff between the living room and family room. I've also gotten rid of the breakfast table that I had been using as a semi-office by the kitchen. I went ahead and bought a real compact office table to house my stuff and this laptop and EHD. One of my goals this year is to surround myself with beauty. That includes my house - turn my house into a home. I've shied away from decorating because I've got small kids. I always said to myself that I'd get to it once the kids were older. But guess what? The kids keep coming! LOL! I can't wait till the kids are older. Besides, how else will they learn to appreciate beauty if I don't surround them with it, kwim?
I'm not doing any major renovations or redecorating. If I would, I'd probably join directbuy so I can save big time. Maybe later down the road. At this time, small steps. Hanging some art work here and there. Adding some lamps maybe. Small touches that make the house homey.