Pantone Huey

Look what I got over the weekend! It's a Pantone Huey to calibrate the computer monitor. I was able to score a sweet deal at Amazon and got this for an amazing price with free shipping. I've been interested in getting one - not necessarily this brand but something to calibrate the monitor. I've noticed that my prints print out darker than what I see in my monitor so I've been very cautious about my photo editing. I want to start more creative photo processing but I don't trust my monitor to give me accurate results. When I saw this at Jessica Sprague's blog, I figured that if she thinks it's worth it, then it's worth exploring, right?
I was so excited yesterday when I hooked it up on my laptop. the set-up was very easy. Then the results ... BOO! It didn't calibrate my laptop very well. The uncorrected colors were a closer match to my prints than the corrected one. There was just a greenish cast on the screen. At first, I thought that I just need some getting use to it. But no, really, there was definitely a greenish cast. It isn't so noticeable with graphics and web browsing but I definitely notice it on skin tone. Blech!
I tried it on our LCD desktop monitor and it did its job much better there. I definitely noticed an improvement from the onset. I'm really disappointed that it does not work with the laptop though coz I do most of my work on my laptop. I specifically bought the Huey for use on my laptop which is an HP Pavilion, fyi.
There might be some hope for me yet. At the Pantone support, they said that they were offering a fix for those who were experiencing the same problems as I have with the color cast. I sent my info in yesterday(Sunday) so I'm hoping to get some sort of response today or tomorrow.
I'm crossing my fingers and hope it works. Otherwise, I'll definitely have a negative review for it over at Amazon. Hmp!