A potty funny

So, DD2 is not completely potty trained yet. It's mostly my fault - I've been too lazy to reall follow up and stuff. Anyway, the other day, here's a conversation between us...

DD2: Mommy, poo-poo!
ME: Okay, let's go...(I sniff and peek into her pull-ups) Oh no...it's out already? Nex t time tell me before it comes out ok? Just like before, remember?
DD2: Opo (Tagalog for yes)
ME: Bakit sa pull-up ka nagpoo-poo? (Why did you poo-poo in your pull-ups?)
DD2: Kasi...hindi sa toilet. (Because...not in the toilet.)

LOL! Silly Mommy for even asking.


donna | Thursday, September 13, 2007 3:35:00 AM

that's so cute! oo nga naman =D.