Investing in Real Estate

Prime real estate is good investment. A lot of individuals have made tons of money investing in real estate properties. I've been watching a show on Bravo, "Flipping Out" that follows this man who flips houses. He buys prime pieces of property, mostly in the Los Angeles areas, renovates them then sells them for a profit. He has a really great eye for design so his houses really look spectacular after he fixes them up. Flipping houses is his way of life and so he moves often.
DH has long wanted to invest in real estate too. Not in the same way as the Flipping Out guy though. More like a long-term investment. He has an uncle who has been successful in this. He has his personal home in Pasadena, some rental properties in Long Beach and the last we heard, seems to have gotten an Arizona luxury real estate property. Some of his kids apparently had moved to Arizona so he looked for property there too.
Maybe once we get back on our feet with our finances and everything is stable again, DH will look into this. For now, we are happy with our investment in our home.