*This* close

I am *this* close to getting a Nikon D40. I've been researching and have come to the conclusion that this is what will fit my needs the best. I've scoured online stores, researched them with the BBB and I think I'll be ordering from this merchant.
DH thinks it's a good idea to buy the D80 instead as an investment but I keep telling him that I don't think I'll feel comfortable with it. I've touched and carried the D40 and it feels right in my hands, y'know? And I read this review by Ken Rockwell. He hardly uses his D80, he says. He may just be one photog but well, he is still A photog with a lot more experience than I do.
Besides, I only have enough to buy a D40 right now. The D80 is almost twice the price of the D40. And I am so itching to get a DSLR, y'know? I don't want to wait for several more months to save up enough for the D80.
If DH and I will agree on this, I am hoping to buy it at the end of the month. That's like next week, right?!


Rebecca Tyler | Wednesday, July 25, 2007 10:21:00 AM

I just stumbled upon your site and am enjoying it. I see you are into photography, so I couldn't help but say HI. I just recently started my adventure into taking my photography to the next level...and continue to listen to God's guidance on this path for me. I am having so much fun. Sounds like you are on your way to an awesome camera purchase. Congrats!

I also liked seeing your weekly menu plan idea. I sooo need to do this for our family. I have no real plan usually and meal times are crazy without a plan, right? hehe. Thanks for reminding me to get on that!

Hope you don't mind if I visit again. :o)


Joy | Wednesday, July 25, 2007 11:16:00 AM

Oh, I don't mind at all!!!

Re: the menu plan - Oh, I don't know how I'd manage dinnertime if not for it. :D