Mojo ... where are you?

Ugh! I am seriously lacking in some much needed creative mojo. I've got some CT stuff I need to do. I think I will have to relocate my work station. I've brought my laptop and EHD down to the kitchen so that I can work a little bit while watching the kids play down here. Besides, I leave DD3 in the room when she's sleeping so I don't want my kids waking her up or anything. This set-up kinda works for me since I can do some surfing or blogging but it isn't the most comfy place to scrap. I suppose I can leave my EHD in our room and just bring this laptop back up to our room at night so I can get some scrapping done. Yeah, I think that's the best thing for me and hopefully, ms.mojo will come back and I can scrap again.
I leave you with some pages I did over the past few weeks ...

This is DD3. So cute don't you think? Love this series of photos I got of her! {View the credits HERE}

Another one of DD3. This shot was totally an accident - a happy accident! LOL! {View credits HERE}

Here's one of DD2. When I look at this picture, I can just see her personality in those eyes of her - looks like she's up to something, isn't she? Yup, that's my DD3! {View credits HERE}

Another one of DD3. This is her bumbo - the best seat we've ever gotten!!! I know I've blogged about it before but have I shared this page? It is such a big help. We've taken it everywhere, even to restaurants. Now we can eat with both our hands, instead of having one hand carrying her. Oh and this page was featured as LO of the week at Pocket-Pearls where Windgefluester designs (of which I'm a CT member) sells her designs. I received a $4 GC to the store there. Woohoo! {View credits HERE}

I really need to get some more pages for the other kids done. LOL. It's all been about DD3 this time. Hopefully, I get some stuff done soon! I miss the feeling of satisfaction I get with each page done.


Leslie | Wednesday, June 13, 2007 2:55:00 PM

Your DDs are simply precious and the LOs are to die for. I hope you find your mojo quickly. ;)

MommyBa | Wednesday, June 13, 2007 9:09:00 PM

As always, you have created beautiful and inspiring layouts. I wish I can have my scrapping mojo back too.