Now, y'all think I'm a jerk

Ok, so I've been sharing how lucky I am to have DH as my hubby/bestfriend, etc. right? And you've heard me tell you about the roses, etc. He is a great man, that is true. So, why won't he talk to me?!?!?!

Ok...backtrack a bit...

Last Saturday, he was off from work. It was very hot here! Really hot! He slept in and did not get up till about 2 pm. I did not have a problem with that. It is not often that he gets to sleep in. He came downstairs and saw us watching TV.

DH: Let's go to the mall
ME: (without missing a beat) Oh, let's!
DH: Hahaha! Looks like you've been cooped up here forever. Can't wait to get out huh?!

But no one moved. I stayed in the couch. He stayed in the couch. I asked him if he wanted lunch. "Sure", he said. So, I fixed him lunch.

I laid down again and nursed the baby...and of course, I fell asleep. It was the heat, I tell you!

I don't know for how long I was asleep but I felt DS nudging me to wake up. They were all dressed and ready to go to the mall. I lazily told them to go ahead without me. I preferred to sleep.

DH got really annoyed with me and started to storm out.

BLAG! went the diaper bag on the floor.
BOP! went the the cupboard doors.

I told him to leave the baby with me. He said he'll take her. I shrugged and closed my eyes again. DD started running after DH. He got all the more annoyed and told her she was staying behind with me. Of course she cried and ran to me.

They left, DH, DS and the baby.
We stayed, me and DD. And we slept the afternoon away! Heaven!

When we got up later that afternoon, I tried to call DH on his cellphone to ask him if they were going to have dinner at home so I could prepare but he would not pick up. Kept trying till I only got the voicemail. Send him some text msgs too. but no reply.

Obviously, he was still annoyed and did not want to have anything to do with me. Fine. We've been here before and he's told me that when he's annoyed, he does not want to be nagged. He prefers to be left alone and when he's ready, he'll let me know.

They come home at about 10 pm, I think. The kids are all asleep. I try to hug him but he ignores me. I ask him if he's still annoyed. He says he is a little. So, I give him space.

The next day was Sunday. We went to Church as a family. But he still was not talking to me! And he did not sleep in our room that night.

Monday. He went to work. He came home. Asked him if he was going to have dinner, he said he'll get it himself. Fine.

He slept in our room that night.

Tuesday. He went to work again. He came home dead tired and went straight to sleep in the other room.

Wednesday. Today. He is still sleeping. I don't know what his mood is like. Will he talk to me today?

(In the most modulated voice I can muster) Find out in the next episode of "The Dramatic Antics of the Man I Married" ...

I'm sorry. I'm really not in the habit of painting other people, particularly family in a bad light. I just need to rant.
I'm finding it quite ridiculous really. I think he's being childish.
I understand that he was upset that I did not go with them on Saturday. But to prolong it this long? Geesh...
So, I'm just waiting till he gets over his whatchmacallit.

But honestly, y'all think I'm the jerk, right? I should have just gotten my butt off that couch and avoided all this, right? Besides, how often do husbands ask their wives to go to the mall, right?

Yeah, I'm the jerk.