Growing Up

Eversince the kids were smaller, they have seen us without our clothes on. We sometimes showered together. Even now, they go inside our bathroom even when we shower. It did not bother us. It did not bother them.

So, imagine my surprise when one day, while I was getting ready to shower and DS was brushing his teeth in our bathroom, he covers his eyes and tells me, "Ayoko makita boobs mo!" (I don't want to see your boobs)

My son is growing up! Much too soon, if you ask me! He is becoming more aware of his body. When he goes potty, he tells me to leave. He does now want me in the room when he is changing his clothes. But he is only 4!

Of course, I give him his privacy when he asks for it. But it makes me sigh, knowing that this is the beginning of his growing independence from dear Mommy. He is going to start school in the fall and his world will expand way beyond our little family. It's exciting, yet there is a part in me that wants to keep him to myself.

Separation anxiety - it's starting early.