Kindred Spirits

I taught preschool before becoming a full-time mother. This was a poem shared to me by a fellow teacher. As I read it now, it still seems appropriate for the most part. In a way, we are kindred spirits - us mothers.

by Susan Anderson

Learning is about relationships.
Most of which are formed while we make discoveries.
And no one celebrates discoveries quite like those who know the child within,
and in others visualize the possibilities with which we all began.

This vision makes us Kindred Spirits.
The kind who find high rewards in hugs;
put dandelions in water; sing "Happy Birthday" many times a tear;
use compassion with dead goldfish; take 20 children to the zoo and
return with the same number;
speed-tie tennis shoes and black patent leather buckles;
really celebrate February 14th;
guard family secrets and overheard conversations;
accept innocent rudeness; recycle everything;
and believe in serendipity.
These Kindred Spirits have liberty daily to laugh and cry,
sit on the floor, and look into faces that reflect life.
Sometimes the power of the job is frightening.
Sometimes the trust bestowed upon us to care for
Humanity's child
sinks in.
Then we pause to watch even more closely,
knowing that the future of this planet sits
precariusly in the laps and arms
of Kindred Spirits all around this earth;
with gentle beings who love learning and children,
and live with a passion for something, everyday.

What do these spirits manifest for the future?
Compassion, joy, appreciation, respect, love, honesty, creativity and
appreciation of life through someone else's eyes.

Most people will never know what we know,
about the hand-holding, the dandelions, and sweaty hugs.

It's their loss.
And it is what makes us Kindred Spirits.