About Me

I wrote the following in my "About Me" section in Friendster a while back. I've had several friends & acquaintances tell me that it brought tears to their eyes. It seems many empathize with me. Just thought I'd share it with you all.

My life has turned out into something I never imagined.
Did not imagine myself living outside of Manila, yet here I am, miles away from all that I had grown up with.
Imagined myself living the single life 'til my late 20's, getting married at 28, enjoying married bliss for 2 years before I bear my first child at 30. Yet, here I am, all of 29 years and awaiting the birth of my 3rd child!
Thought I would continue working professionally even as a mother; yet I find myself now working full-time at home.
Dreamed of raising my children alongside my friends; yet I find myself surprisingly alone - most of my friends still single or with no children of their own.
Though the life I had imagined proved to be mere creations of my mind, I find that I am happy with all the unexpected twists & turns. Could I have imagined that my first love be the true love of my life? Could I have dreamed of the joy I experienced looking into the eyes of my innocent & precious newborns? Could I have thought that amidst chaos & clutter at home, a warm hug from my husband, a sincere "I love you Mom" from my son, a loving kiss from my daughter or a kick in the stomach by my unborn baby would be enough to make me stop & thank God for giving me the best life I had never imagined for myself?
Yes, I never dreamed of this life for myself, but God had other plans. He dreamed up a life for me, far more than what I dared to dream for myself.