Comes the Dawn

I came across this in my journal recently. I knew I had copied it somewhere while in college. Thought I might share it with you.

...I find that love is very much like a journey towards the dawn. There is a time wherein you bathe and revel in the warmth of the sun and the morning of your feelings, with the incredible rush from the first doses of infatuation. Then the feeling of the "high" begins to fade, as darkness comes. The timid and insecure generally shy away, choosing to remain with the brightness and security of the morning, as the night might certainly shatter their fragile hearts and loves. The brave, on the other hand, carry on, for although they know the night brings darkness and pain, it cleanses one of the shallow and irrelevant, leaving only the true. It is only in passing through the realm of the night that one can get on the path towards a brighter dawn - the dawn of realization, maturity, and if you will permit, true love.