Piano Playing Siblings

Someone please remind me to upload the video of the kids' spring recital? With all the excitement of our trip to the Philippines, I had altogether forgotten about this.

The kids are doing so well in piano. DS, in particular, is playing spectacularly. One time, his teacher, Mrs. Maria called her brother on the phone so he could listen to my son play. Was his teacher proud of DS or what? She gushes about the 3 kids and their progress. She is encouraging me to get a piano for the kids. Currently, we only have MF music keyboards for the kids to practice on. She says that if they practice on a piano, they will even get better faster. While a piano would be nice, it just is not practical for us at the moment. We simply do not have space in our house, even for an upright! Sigh. For now, the keyboards we have will do.