Let's Eat In

We went on a hunt for a new dining room set last Saturday.

The old table and chairs we were using from Ikea. While they are known for budget-friendly but trendy pieces, they are not exactly very durable. Our table top was starting to warp and our chairs had been bruised and battered and not exactly attractive to sit on. We were very happy when we bought them but we were now ready to buy a more grown-up set.

We went to Linders first as they were having a closeout sale. We found a beautiful set of table with 6 chairs. We were hoping that we could add 2 more chairs but it was their last set. There was another one that caught our eye but with the same result. The tables that came with 8 chairs were much too long for our dining room. Plus it was much more ornate in design than we wanted. DH and I both prefer clean lines.

We moved to Living Spaces next. This was where we bought our family room sectional and our bed. Personally, I really like this place as it has a huge assortment of pieces and styles. Upon entering, we immediately saw this dining table that had leaves on both ends of the table that you could pull our so you could lengthen it when needed. That was one of the things we were looking for: a leaf or leaves that can be added to the table when needed. However, this particular table was not a good match to our style.

It did not take long before we found this. We both loved the dark wood. The middle part is a leaf that can be removed. With the leaf, it is a tad long for our dining room. Without it, it is the perfect size. The chairs that was on display with it were wood chairs with leather seats. It is the one you see at the head of the table right there. The seats were too wide to fit 3 to a side. We needed narrower seats. A little further down the room, we found these leather seats that were perfect. The wood color matched closely to the table. It was perfect!

I wondered if we needed to buy a big rug to protect our laminate flooring but DH decided not to buy yet. We will just put felt pads on the chair legs for now. When we move to a bigger house, then we'll probably get a new rug too.

The set was delivered last Sunday evening. The kids were so excited yesterday to sit on the new chairs and eat on the new table. It was so cute to see them eating so carefully so as not to get the chairs dirty. LOL! I love that it looks more grown-up than our previous one. I like that I feel like I am starting to understand my own sense of style.