It's been the consensus that DD1 is my mini-me. It is turning out that DD4 is an exact replica of DD1 which means she will most likely be my mini-me too!

I was looking at DD1's baby pics recently. There is no mistaking it, DD4 looks exactly like DD1 when she was this age. My dad could not tell them apart from the pics. LOL.

Although they look very similar, their personalities seem different. DD1 was always quiet. DD4 does not seem that way. She has her voice and is not afraid to use it. She is also such a wiggle-worm! She can wriggle her way out of her bumbo. My other daughter, DD3 who is notoriously a handful, loved to simply sit on her bumbo when she was this age. I'm a little anxious that if this baby girl is this wriggly already, she will be even more of a handful when she grows up! Even more than DD3! Oh my! This baby girl has also a little more sensitive skin than her siblings. I think she may have taken after her father's side of the family when it comes to their sensitive skin. I've had to use baby wash with organic shea butter and use the Aveeno baby lotion to stave off dry skin. When I don't use those, she immediately gets rough patches of dry skin. Sigh. I hope it does not become eczema or something similar.

I still cannot believe that our dear baby girl is 9 months old already! Seriously?! How could that have happened? She is definitely a small baby anymore but she is just as cuddly and lovable as ever.