Father's Day at Disneyland

Seems like we've become disney fanatics. When I asked DH what he wanted to do for Father's day, he immediately said he was going to Disneyland. "As stressful as it may seem sometimes, I actually like going there," he remarked.
So that's where we spent most of the day.

We arrived early in the day as the park opened. We immediately stood in line for the new Star Tours ride. We were at the park on its re-opening day and the line was cah-razeeee! About 2+ hours wait in line! We knew that if we wanted to ride it, we would have to be there right away. It took us almost an hour wait which was not bad at all! I rode with DS and DD3 then used the switch pass so that DH could ride with DD1 and DD2 without having to get back on line again.

We also got to explore for the first time Pirate's Lair Island. We had never explored that place. It was a fun place for the kids to run in and expend their energies. There were fun little coves/caves with pirate treasure and loot to discover. DD3 enjoyed uncovering buried treasure of gold coins, jewelry and gurkha cigars and some pirate skeletons by pumping out water from the sunken ship.

We left Disneyland at the end of the first parade. We then met up with Lolo & Lola for dinner at El Torito. Why there? It was the only place that had not wait time. LOL! We were hoping to go to a steakhouse but wait times were at least an hour. We were too hungry and tired to wait. It may not have been our first choice but it was a tasty end to a packed Father's Day.

How did you celebrate?