Happy Birthday Tatay!

Today is dad's 72nd birthday. Happy birthday Tatay!
We pray that God will continue to bless you with good health, a sharp mind and a big heart. We are so very fortunate that he is still around to share his wisdom with us. I know that my children are doubly blessed because they have their lolo in their lives. He is their #1 fan, always ready to listen and watch any and all of their antics.

He is in Manila right now so the kids truly miss him. I have not bought him a present yet. He really is not that hard to shop for but I do want to give him something other than the ever dependable polo shirt. I know that the kids will want to give him personal creations gifts, straight from their hearts. I have not decided what to give him yet. I'm leaning towards giving him a book but I'm not really sure what titles are on his wish list.

Whatever present we decide to give him will surely be appreciated. He is a simple man with a heart for God and a dedicated love for his family.

We love you Lolo!