A Dark Secret

Do you know why I thought this baby was going to be a boy?

When I was pregnant,a number of friends would comment that they were sure it was a girl because I was just glowing! Well, I certainly appreciated hearing that because I sure did not feel like it!

But other than that, I was experiencing something that I only experienced during my first pregnancy to which I gave birth to my son. I was having skin issues in my arms and back. It is quite embarrassing to admit to the world wide web but I will need to seriously consider seeking help from www.getridofblackheads.org because this is beyond simple personal hygiene. There must be some connection to hormones or something. I really want to get this cleared up before the wedding of my friend where I will stand as matron of honor. I want to feel comfortable in whatever dress I will be wearing and not feel like I have to hide under a shawl or wrap. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed!