Reading Progress

We had our meeting with our ES (educational specialist) last Friday morning. It was a bit different from our usual meeting in that instead of coming over to our house, we met her at Panera bakeshop. It was a quick meeting in that we simply submitted to her our attendance sheets, the kids' writing projects and she gave us the learning plans we had discussed already before. We were in a cozy corner of the restaurant. She had her hp netbooks out and just checked off each family as they came. Isn't it great how technology is such a great tool that makes our lives easier?
Aside from the usual stuff we do, i.e. learning plans, attendance, etc, she also tested DS and DD1 for their oral reading fluency for the winter term. I am so proud of the progress these 2 kids have made. They were both already reading above their grade levels but they've just progressed so much more from their spring testing. At that time, DS was reading at 167 words per minute. Now he is reading at 196 wpm (words per minute) which is at 8th grade level. DD1, on the other hand, was reading at 44 wpm and now is reading at 73 wpm which is at 3rd grade level!! Woohoo! Hooray for reading!
I am so proud of these kids. I am so glad that they are enjoying reading so much!