Two Weeks of Homeschooling

Our first two weeks of homeschooling went smoothly. Our routine still needs a little getting used to but we're getting there. I think one major thing that helps with our flow is that I've got the week's lesson plans and activities planned and written out. The kids, particularly DS, sometimes just looks at his list for the day and does his studies himself. I knew from the very start that DS would fit right in with homeschooling. He studies and works independently which works out very well for us with our multi-level homeschool.
Our experience with the charter school and our educational specialist(henceforth known as ES) continue to be very positive. We ordered school supplies through them and our ES delivered them to our house personally on the first day of school. It was so fun to see the kid's excitement as we opened the boxes of supplies with new pencils, crayons, paper, rulers, etc. You'd think we hit a gold mine and discovered gold bullions with their oohs and aahs and big eyes filled with excitement.
We will be going to our first field trip next week. There will be 2 in fact. On Thursday, we will visit the library. The librarians will be giving us a special tour. Then, on Friday we go to the Discovery Science Center where the kids will be treated to hands-on activities on body parts and functions. Both should be fun. DS is looking forward to it a lot. This was one of his reasons why he wanted to homeschool - so he could go to more field trips!