My Cross to Bear

Sigh. Unfortunately, as with my previous pregnancies, I have developed gestational diabetes. This, in itself, was not a surprise at all. However, unlike the previous times I've developed it, this time, my doctor wants me to monitor my blood sugar at home. This means that I have to check my blood sugar four times a day everyday until I deliver. This amounts to about 700 finger pricks!!! UGH! Lord have mercy on me. Sigh...
In previous pregnancies, I also had to keep an eye on my diet and exercise regularly. During those times however, I would simply have my blood sugar tested every time I went for my check-ups. It was a pain but no match for the discomfort I am enduring now with the home monitoring of blood sugar. I am crossing my fingers that my gestational diabetes will be under control with just diet and exercise. I really do not want to have to inject insulin!!!
I have told friends that I do not really enjoy my pregnancies because instead of being able to eat all I want as much as I want when I want, I have to adhere to a strict diet. I suppose it's my way to quick weight loss. Believe it or not, I am actually a little lighter now than I was before I got pregnant. Weird right?
So, won't you please keep me and the baby in your prayers. Please pray that we do not encounter any more complications during this pregnancy. Thanks!