Summer, Here We Come!!

Ahhh...yes, the joys of summer! I've always looked forward to summer. Summer to me is synonymous to childhood fun. Summer is rest and relaxation. Summer is vacation, beach, swimming lessons, out of town trips, late nights, sleeping in, reading in bed, hanging out at the mall with friends, summer camps. Most especially, summer was a break from school!! Yes, even through college, I refrained from taking summer classes except for that year before senior year when we had to do our practicum. Heck, even when I started to work, I kept my summers free. One of the perks of teaching.
So, now, we are at the brink of summer. It is so close I can smell the chlorine of the pool and the saltiness of the beach. It is time to break out the beach umbrellas and take out the pool and hot tub covers. It is time to spend all day lounging and relaxing. Well, at least for the kids. LOL! Even if my summer won't be spent all day lounging and relaxing, it will still be a welcome break from the pace of school we've got going the rest of the year.
Except for swimming lessons and camp in August, there is not much planned for this summer. DH is still in fellowship so no out of town trips for us. Maybe we can sneak out to the beach on a Saturday that he isn't working. I also plan to invite friends over for swimming at the pool. That is all that is planned. For the rest of the summer, it will be all about play and fun and rest.
How about you?