Good Friday Stations of the Cross

The girls are participating in the presentation of the Station of the Cross tomorrow, Good Friday by our homeschool group. The one pictured here is the last station when Jesus is laid in the tomb. The girls are Mary, Veronica and Mary Magdalene weeping as Jesus lays dead. Although Veronica being there isn't exactly told in the Stations, our parent director thought that Veronica must have followed Jesus as he walked up to his death. She could not have had such love and sorrow for him that she would leave after wiping his face. She was probably there until the end.
This will be our first time to participate so I don't really know how big of an audience we will have. I'm guessing not too big, probably many of them friends and family of the homeschoolers. It will be held in the morning so a lot of people will still be at work. There is the live stations of the cross in the evening too for the parishioners.
I think I like that we won't have that big of a crowd so that the kids have a less chance of stage fright. It's also a big church that if there were a lot of people, you might need to pull out those discount prescription glasses to be able to see if you were seated at the back. These are little kids who will be performing after all! LOL!
If you live in the Inland Empire and would love to come see us, drop me a line by leaving a comment here or sending me an email and I'll send you the details.
Hope you all continue to have a blessed week.