Undercover Boss

There's a new "reality show" on CBS with big bosses working undercover in their own companies. I've seen 2 episodes so far and they've been really interesting. I would've probably been able to watch more episodes if the show wasn't on Sunday nights. The 2 episodes I had seen featured the CEO's of 7-Eleven and Waste Management work undercover and discover the strengths and weaknesses of their respective companies. They also realized how the policies they write up from their offices actually affect the employees who have to live and work within those policies. After months of hearing about CEO's and other top executives taking advantage of their positions, it is refreshing to watch these men genuinely care for their employees. Instead of being concerned about their fat hedge funds and getting the latest anti wrinkle eye creams, they seek out ways to help their own employees advance in their careers. I also like that at the end of the episodes, the help they give the featured employees are not dole-outs.
If you get a chance to see the show, go see it. You might enjoy it!