Project 365: January & February

The project is still going strong! There have been days when I almost failed to take a pic but somehow I managed to eke out a photo. I've been slacking in the scrapping department big time so the plan to do weekly reviews have been thrown out the window. I've made this mosaic instead using the mosaic maker at from my flickr photos. It's really more to share here on the blog. I don't think its resolution is good enough for printing. I'm doing something else with the pictures I'm taking each day but I'll blog about it another time when I've got pictures to accompany the post. If you've been following my Project 365 blog or Flickr photostream, you'll most probably know what I've been doing with the pictures.

Anyway, just wanted to show you my January 2010 in pictures:And here is my February 2010 life in pictures:
I just think it is so visually appealing to see my pictures side by side this way. I feel that these are visual representations of my life for the first 2 months of the year.

There were days in February that I was not feeling as inspired as I was in January. I felt like I was running out of ideas and things/people to photograph. I'm afraid that this could start to drag and feel like a chore but I'll keep plugging along. The "aha" moments and feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction after seeing an idea come to life in a picture more than makes up for those times of creative dearth.


Berto and Kwala | Friday, March 12, 2010 9:43:00 AM

i admire your dedication to the project joy! i wish i could do that too...