How was Valentine's?

How was your Valentines's Day? Ours was low-key. It's not really one of our major celebrations but it still is nice to do something special. We stayed home that day and just spent time as a family. My mom had arrived from Manila the day before and my youngest brother was here for a visit too.

DH got me a bouquet of tulips. He knows by now that I really prefer these to roses. :) No chocolates for me. He knows enough not to give me those. Not good for my diet (LOL) and I really do not want to get into any adult acne treatment. I seem to find myself breaking out lately.

Anyway, for dinner, we had a surf and turf meal. DH grilled some steaks while I made baked shrimp scampi. Mmmm... a delightful meal with the people I love. Now, that's a celebration of love, don't you think?