On the Road to Fitness

From Project 365
Spurred by thoughts of Hawaii and the (not-so) gentle proddings of DH, I finally relented to going back to the treadmill. I hate running. It isn't something I particularly enjoy. While others have in their bucket lists the goal of finishing a marathon, mine include the goal of NOT attempting a marathon! LOL!
Anyway, I started the last week of December and so far I've been pretty consistent. On the average, I walk/run about 6 days in a week. It's still not something I particularly enjoy but it isn't something I dread doing either. I haven't seen results in terms of weight loss. What I've found though is that it is the best sleeping pill ever. LOL! During the kids' Christmas break, I would go early in the morning when DH would leave for work, then go back to sleep for another hour or so. Now that school is back, I've been doing it in the late afternoon while I wait for the roast or stew or whatever I'm preparing for dinner to cook. By the end of the night, as the kids get to bed, I am ready to hit the sack too.

I know I won't have body beautiful by the time we go to Hawaii but at least I know that I'll be a little bit ready for some of the hiking and walking we want to do while we're there.