It's on!

DH is finally pushing through with his orthopedic fellowship. He graduated from PA school 2 years ago. From then till now, he has worked as a PA in the Emergency Department. He's been applying for an ortho position at his hospital (they have VERY good benefits!!) but has been unable to get it because he's been told that they need someone who has ortho experience already.
Why has he hesitated? Why the fellowship only now?
The fellowship requires soooo much. He is a man with a wife and 4 kids to support. The stipend that he will receive from the fellowship is not nearly enough to cover our basic household needs. We don't have to have to take out student loans because we've got enough loans to pay off already.
Aside from the financial sacrifice, it will take DH away from the family for hours on end, with at least 60 hours a week plus the 24 hours he needs to put it at his current employment to retain the medical benefits we are receiving.
This is a HUGE decision but DH has finally done it. It will be a huge sacrifice for all of us. 13 months will go by fast, I'm sure. But by the grace of God, I know that we will survive.