Winter Getaway

Unlike last year's Christmas celebrations, this year's Christmas will definitely be smaller. It will most probably be just our family. Maybe MIL & SIL will join us. That is not for sure though.
I'm late in putting up Christmas decorations too. I only started last night and although the girls were all super thrilled, I was not in a super jolly mood. I'm praying God will pull me out of this funk. It isn't how I want to celebrate the birth of His Son.
You know what I'm feeling? I feel like booking some cheap new york hotels and spend several days lost in the busy anonymity of the city. While some people are wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle, I feel like I want to get right there in the middle of it and be lost in a place where I don't have to be alone with my thoughts.
Yeah, I'm not feeling very Christmas-y.
Bah-humbug to you!